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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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HORSES & PONIES (Scroll down for donkeys)

Please Note; Inclusion on this site does not mean that we recommend these establishments. We have had a look at their web sites - that's all! We have had a number of comments about 'dodgy' rescue centres and always remove them from the lists - if you know of any more still listed please let us know.

  • Blaikiewell Animal Sactuary: Aberdeenshire, Scotland: A small charity in Deeside, Aberdeenshire, UK. It is home to over 50 horses and ponies, two pigs and three cows as well as dogs, cats and any other animal or bird that needs a safe place.
  • British Horse Society Largest and most influential equestrian charity. Big site, easy to use, lots of information.
  • Brooke An international animal welfare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world's poorest communities. Provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and wellbeing, operating across Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Cairo Horse Riding School : Egypt: A very important cause for the safety and rescue of many horses not within the sphere of support of existing charities. All Donations are sent to the stables.
  • CROSSKENNAN LANE ANIMAL SANCTUARY: ANTRIM, NORTHERN IRELAND: Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary (CLAS) primarily involved in rescue and rehabilitation of horses and ponies in Northern Ireland. Also give sanctuary to a number of cats and dogs. Welfare of animals and education of those involved in equine world of most importance.
  • Epona Trust: Devon - farm in France: Pony Rescue centre Registered charity in the UK and in France. a safe haven for any neglected, unwanted or abandoned pony or horse. Home farm is in Normandy
  • Equine Market Watch
    EMW campaigns actively against horrendous transportation issues. Also monitors UK auctions, markets, sales etc. Works alongside Ha"Penny Rescue, Worcester. Ha'PENNY takes equines in distress - foals from markets-elderly-unmanagables!
  • Follyfoot Horse and Pony Sanctuary: stoke-on-trent: Horse and Pony rescue and rehabilitation
  • Hope pastures horse and pony sanctuary: Leeds: a sanctuary for neglected horses and ponies within the leeds/bradford area
  • Horse Sense Wirral: Thornton Hough: Our objectives are to relieve pain and suffering in animals particularly horses and ponies by providing ample food, love and care including veterinary care when required in order to be able to find them a new home when recovered.
  • Horse Watch and 2 site constructed with the injured party in mind non profit making. Work in partnership with the police , insurance and the main body of welfare
  • HorseWorld: Bristol: Based in Bristol, HorseWorld is the South West's premier equine charity. Concentrating on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing horses, ponies and donkeys in need; rescue and re-home over 100 animals each year.
  • Home of Rest for Horses (Speen, Bucks.) Over 100 years of care for working horses.
  • Mare and Foal Sanctuary; Devon: A uk charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses. Huge website, lots of info. Please note new URL.
  • Moo Haven: Nottingham: Rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses & ponies. Freelance horseman on site.
  • National Equine Welfare Council: National Organisation: Umbrella body for equine welfare orgs. 60 Members. Those keeping equines are inspected & agree to abide by the Code of Practice.
  • Options Equine Sanctuary: North Notts: Equine rescue sanctuary dedicated to helping all horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.
  • Pablo's Horse Sanctuary: Leicestershire: A rescue centre taking in homeless, neglected and abused horses and ponies. We aim to offer them a safe and permanent home, in Long Clawson, Leicestershire.
  • Parkgate Pony Sanctuary: South Wirral: Offers a safe haven for the ageing, infirm, mistreated and neglected horse and ponies in the Wirral and Cheshire area.
  • Racehorse Rescue Centre: Carlisle: RRC Horse rescue centre Carlisle Cumbria is a small racehorse charity that re-trains ex-racehorses for rehoming. Allowing children and riders with special needs to interact and educate them on how to handle horses.
  • Racehorse Rehoming Centre: Chard, Somerset Registered charity dedicated to the Rescue-rehabilitation-rehoming of exracehorses.
  • Rainbow Valley Pony and Goat Animal Sanctuary: Newton Abbot:
  • cares for ponies and goats who are very old, very young , sick or injured, also offer respite care for ponies and goats on a temporary basis
  • The Ray of Hope Animal Aanctuary: Aldershot:
    Help & rescue animals in need, the elderly & the sick.
  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary UK aims to relieve the suffering of horses, ponies and donkeys - by providing them with a caring home for the rest of their days and through the guidance and education of the public.
  • Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary: Essex and Home Counties: Aims to provide lifetime help and care for horses,ponies,donkeys,goats, sheep,pigs & cows,who are victims of physical and mental abuse, be it as a result of ignorance or malicious intent. Animals are never euthanised for reasons of age or infimity alone. Nothing is spared to give them every chance to thrive into old age.
  • Sathya Sai Sanctuary Trust for Nature: Castlebaldwin, County Sligo, Ireland: The Sanctuary was founded by Sue Paling in 1991 primarily to offer a place of peace and refuge for old, injured, unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused donkeys, ponies and horses. It is open to visitors at all reasonable times.
  • S.E.P.E. : Spanish welfare and educational charity. Horse and donkey rescue.
  • The Shetland pony welfare Trust: Cambridgeshire: : The Shetland Pony Welfare Trust is a Registered Charity for the rescue and rehabilitation of Shetland Ponies and their sometimes much larger companions
  • Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary: Merseyside: : Equine rehabilitation and rehoming centre with a strong focus on education.
  • South Hants Pony and Horse Protection Group: Hampshire: Rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing for horses and ponies in Hampshire
  • South West Equine Protection: Dartmoor. Devon, UK: Rescue & Re-Homing of Horses & Ponies and assistance for any other animal in distress in the South West of England
  • Stolen Horse Register Looks like a very useful site
  • Thornberry Animal Sanctuary: South Yorkshire Rescue, care for and rehome dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc. Non-destruction policy. Regularly updating the site with pictures of animals for rehoming
  • Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary: Wales: Rescuing and rehoming UK wide, horses, ponies, donkeys and livestock. Advice given, references and donations required.
  • Willows Animal Sanctuary: North East Scotland: :Provides a lifelong home for rescued horses, and other animals and animal - assisted therapy for vulnerable people.

DONKEYS (Some of the above also rescue donkeys)

  • Donkey Rescue: National Organisation: Donkey Rescue, Adoption and Re-Homing Service based at the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Oxfordshire.
  • Donkey Sanctuary Largest Donkey Sanctuary in the world. Therapy for special needs children using donkeys and lots of other interestin stuff.
  • El efugio del Burrito: Spain. Adonkey sanctuary in Spain dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected and ill-treated donkeys and mules from all over Europe and we work closely with The Donkey Sanctuary in UK.
  • NEDDI The New European Distressed Donkey Initiative  Offers care and safety to donkeys within Britain and Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or maltreatment
  • Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary: St.Boswells, Scottish Borders: Founded in 2004 to provide permanent home to donkeys and mules needing a permanent home for whatever reason. Situated in beautiful, peaceful surroundings lovingly looked after by dedicated knowledgeable volunteers. Especially convenient to donkey owners from mid Scotland to North of England who may wish to permanently re-home their donkey(s) for whatever reason and would find it easy to travel to visit their old friends. Visits welcome at weekends for conducted tours only.
  • Shropshire Donkey Rescue: Takes in abandoned, mis-treated donkeys, donkeys in need of a safe place or donkeys in distress. A non profit organisation.
  • Walk with donkeys sanctuary: Anatoli Crete A small sanctuary caring for working donkeys who are no longer required by their owners because of age, medical problems. As well as caring for donkeys in the sanctuary we also work with local people to assist with care of their donkeys.