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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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  • British Federation of Ferret Welfares (National Organization): The British Federation of Ferret Welfares is a working co-operative, unlike any other ferret organization,as it is specifically formed by and for the benefit of Ferret Welfares & Rescues only.
  • Central Ferret Welfare: West Midlands: A registered charity based in the West Midlands and seeks to promote & support the welfare of ferrets in the West Midlands and its borders, cooperating with other ferret welfare and like-minded organisations wherever possible. We are located in Netherton (DY2) & Halesowen (B63).
  • Chase ferret rescue: staffordshire: Offer help and re-homing facilities for any ferret in need. Ty to neuter all rescued ferrets before re-homing. Offer help & advice for new & current owners on all aspects of ferret care. Offer a ferret boarding service
  • Droitwich Ferret Welfare: Worcestershire: Relief of suffering and distreess of ferrets in need of care and attention. Rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.
  • The Ferret Hotel: Nottingham: Help on ferret care and ferrets that need homes, based in the nottingham area
  • Ferret Hutch Rescue: Sheffield, South Yorkshite: Ferret Rescue in sheffield, south yorkshire
  • Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue: Chippenham, Wiltshire: All adopters will be homechecked. All adult ferrets are neutered before rehoming. All ferrets are microchipped and vaccinated against Canine Distemper
  • Gem Ferret Care Group: Sussex and Surrey, Kent border: A small ferret group. Rescue and rehoming, promotion of ferret welfare and good care.
  • Heart of England Ferret Association: Worcestershire: HEFA is a non profit making organisation whose aim is to raise funds for ferret welfares and rescues. Although not a rescue, if you find a stray ferret or have a ferret in need of rehoming we should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.
  • Hull & East Riding Ferret Rescue: Howden area: Take in ferrets needing a new home. Site is a good introduction to ferret keeping.
  • Last Chance Coventry Ferret Rescue: Coventry: We are a ferret rescue in the west Midlands cv6 and we rescue and rehabilitate all ferrets. We also offer boarding.
  • Little Paws Ferret Rescue: Tyne and Wear: Our organisation is dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and unwanted ferrets in Sunderland and South Tyneside. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip our ferrets before rehoming them.
  • North East Ferret Rescue: Northumberland/north East England: Long established rescue in north of England, rescuing and rehoming stray or unwanted ferrets.
  • Scottish ferret club : National organisation : Information and advice on how to look after your ferret. Racenight and event catering. Rescue and rehoming services
  • South Cheshire Ferret Rescue: Cheshire: Ferrets needing homes, Ferret Rescue, Ferret Rescue Cheshire
  • STARescue: Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, READING & SWINDON: Take in all stray and unwanted ferrets. Try hardest to return strays to their owners, and to find loving forever homes for all of the other ferrets who come to us. Raise funds through Ferret Racing.
  • Tayside Ferret Rescue: Tayside,North of Scotland & Fife: Rehoming and Rescue of Ferrets from across Tayside,Fife,and other areas in Scotland.
  • Three Shires Ferret Rescue and Welfare: Northampton - Bedford :
  • Wessex Ferret Club: promote the general welfare of the ferret, and to offer advice on housing, feeding, ailments and general husbandry. Site includes info about keeping ferrets and addresses of other ferret clubs in UK.
  • Wolverhampton Ferret Boarding & Rescue: Ferret boarding facility & ferret rescue all in RSPCA inspected premises in Wolverhampton, West Midlands area. Friendly advice on any ferret aspects given. Ferrets for rehoming always available.