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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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Please use the HOMES NEEDED FORM to send your information.

Notices will drop off the bottom when the list gets too long - but can be re-posted. We do not 'archive' or save anything.
PLEASE NOTE - PAYMENT: To avoid any misunderstanding it is assumed that all notices are for FREE re-homing.

6 March 2020

Surrey, near Gatwick
Looking to rehome Omlette, my Amber Star chicken, that has been, and continues to be severely bullied by one of my other chickens (they were perfectly happy for two years, but one seems to have gone 'rogue'). Omlette is now missing a large number of back and tail feathers, and I do not have the facilities to keep her permenantly separate, which I've been advised is now needed. Omlette was fully vaccinated but has tumors in both eyes, probably from Mareks. Please call if you can help.
contact : 07796693423 Surrey, near Gatwick

17 July 2019

Norfolk: Looking for a female Alaskan malamute to join our loving family
contact : Caister-on-Sea, 07845575107

22 June 2019

Berkshire/ Wiltshire/ Hampshire boarder: I have a terrapin who is desperately lonely. He was my daughters but she has left Home. He needs a quiet, safe environment and isn‚t used to young children. Hopefully someone wants a companion for their terrapin in a loving home. Please contact me with any suggestions. Many thanks Becky
contact :

15 Dec 2018

Essex: My husband died and he left Kookaburras. 3 juveniles, 2 pairs and 3 singles all paperworked DNA. all looking for homes
contact :

30 Nov 2018

Berkshire/Hampshire : Elderly Shetland Ram looking for a home
contact :

7 Sept 2018

Newton Aycliffe : Female cockatiel recently lost her partner so she's lonely
contact :

30 July 2018

Giant African Land Snails (also known as GALS).
16 Achatina Fulica Jadatzi Albino with yellowish shell and white body.
4 Achatina Fulica Rodatzi Yellowish shell and dark body.
8 Achatina Immaculata dark shell dark body.
They are all about 6 months old.
They are living in a bio-active substrate with spring-tails, woodlice, friendly white worms and earthworms.
I will bath them, before re-homing, but some friends might still remain with them.
They can be re-homed as singles or pairs or any other number, however it is usually better having either one or two as they require a lot of space.
Cannot post them, I can deliver up to 10 miles radius or collection only, please.
Thank you.

contact : 07711795336

26 July 2018

I have 2 degu needing rehoming as moving home and pets not alowed cage food with them
contact : 02476713545

30 December 2017

Wareham, Dorset : We are moving house so Need a good home for my 5 hens - all of which were still laying as we went into the winter season. 2 are 5 years old so may not lay again! Others are only 16 months. All different breeds. Can provide coop and all equipment necessary.
contact :

15 Oct 2017

one silke chicken . other just passed away..moving soon .for good home
contact :

27 Sept 2017

Harwich ESSEX:
Cockatiel found flying around a local park and needed a home after being handed in to the vets where I work. She (we think) escaped from an aviary as she is not at all tame and clearly misses other birds. She needs to be part of an aviary again as she is clearly unhappy even though I would be happy to keep her if she was!! She is mostly white with grey on her wings. Age and other details unknown. No health problems.
contact : 01255 880 457

22 Sept 2017

4 off Indian Runner ducks for re-homing. About to start laying. Need to re-home due to house move.
contact : 07896752303

21 Sept 2017

Hi, to my regret the pair of little budgies and the pair of very friendly cockatiels my stepmother owns need rehoming as she is going through some serious healthcare conditions. I am unfortunately not able to have them as I do not have the right accommodation. They are very much loved and we really want to find the best home for them where they can stay the rest of their lives We don't want any money for these little animals but just a caring loving home. Please email me and I will get back to you asap. Thanks!
contact :

10 June 17

Horley, Surrey.:
I am moving house and new owners do not require my Pond fish. 5 Large Koi about 1 feet long and 5 Fantail Goldfish. Unable to take with me need a good home. ASAP.
contact :

18 May 17

Hook :
Beautiful Hamburgh cock and hen 10 months old
Both really tame,Hen lays daily
Need to rehome asap due to being in a built up area or 07510335888
contact :

18 May 2017

5 or 6 Cockateil birds for rehoming in the Bedford area, Mum has had to go into a care home and the birds need a new home, one cannot fly and happily runs around the avairy, collection required.
contact :

5 April 2017

Kent :
We have a four acre pond but have been invaded by Canadian pondweed. We need a pair of resident (?breeding?) swans to help us control the weed.
contact : RIVENDELL
Church Road

6 Feb 2017

I have a family flock of 10 sheep and am looking for somewhere that they can live together safely for the rest of their lives. They were left at our house when we moved here and now we are moving house, but I don't want to leave them to chance. They range in ages, some are really quite old, but they are lovely and sweet natured, and healthy. If you can help please let me know, thank you
contact :

25 Dec 2016

Hertfordshire : Due to moving to a flat I need to urgently find a home for my 3 chickens. They are approximately 3 years old, all different types of hybrid. White Star, Bluebelle, and Maran Cuvee. A white one, a black one and a grey one! Not laying since the cold weather started.
contact : or 07979 657354