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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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  • Acorn wildlife rescue : .Acorn wildlife rescue centre is a small mammal rescue and rehabilitation Center based in Somerset. We take in mice, rats, hedgehogs, squirrels and other small mammals from across the south west.
  • CW Wildlife Rescue : Rickmansworth Herts: All uk wildlife taken in . Near West London , based on Stockers Farm WD31NZ hours 8am - 7pm seven days a week
  • East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service Operates an emergency service for wildlife in need across the county of East Sussex.
  • HART Wildlife Rescue: Overton, Hampshire: : HART Wildlife Rescue cares for sick, injured and abandoned wildlife. Our main objective is to return all our patients to the wild as soon as they are fit and strong enough to fend for themselves. Based at Medstead, near Alton, it is the only centre in Hampshire that cares for all wildlife.
  • Help Wildlife: National Organisation: Detailed advice about when and how to help injured and orphaned wildlife and UK wide listings of wildlife rescue organisations
  • The Nature Blog: Hampshire: The ramblings of an amateur naturalist.
  • The New Arc : Aberdeenshire: Rescues all wildlife in the North East of Scotland. Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release. Advice given. All Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians. Tel: 0796 2253867
  • One Voice for Animals UK: National organization: Supporting The smaller UK wildlife & domestic animal rescue & welfare organizations with fundraising, practical support & advocacy. Providing a directory for the public to find & support local rescue centres
  • P-A-W People for Animal Welfare: port talbot: A voluntary service operating in and around West Glamorgan (eg. Neath, Port Talbot, Swansea) that rescues wildlife, eg. badger, fox, birds etc. Also will rescue other injured animals, including dogs an cats. Note: if not injured, for strays contact your local authority dog warden service.
  • Pet Samaritans Wildlife Rescue: National: Caring for our UK wildlife. Our wildlife service covers over 3 counties from Nottingham, Derbyshire to Yorkshire and across the UK. Our centre opens all year round, 7 days a week to provide assistance when needed.
  • Runham wildlife rescue RWR: Great Yarmouth (relocating soon) : All wildlife, pigeon friendly
  • Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre: Scotland:
  • Seahaven Wildlife Rescue: Newhaven: Registered charity with veterinary and rescue facilities for all species of wild birds and animals.
  • UK Safari: Not a rescue centre but a site for anyone interested in the wildlife and countryside of Britain. Features facts, photos, and a free newsletter. Go there now.
  • Wildlife A&E: Surrey/sussex borders: Rescue all British Wildlife, have 15+ years experience, non-profit organisation,in the Surrey and Sussex area rescuing sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, returning them to wild as soon as they are fit and able
  • The Wildlife Aid Foundation: Leatherhead - Surrey: Wildlife hospital with full veterinary cover. 24 hour emergancy rescue service.
  • Cheshire Badgers account and pictures of badger watching activity
  • Gwent Badger Group: Gwent area: Badger rescue rehabilitation, sett protection and education.
  • Herefordshire Badger Group: Working for the conservation of badgers in Herefordshire.
  • North East Essex Badger Group One of over 80 such groups within theU K that are members of the National Federation of Badger Groups
  • Northamptonshire Badger Group: Northamptonshire Badger rescue in Northamptonshire. See our website for contact details of our rescuers 24/7.
  • South East Cambridgeshire Badger Group: Cambridge: A small group of volunteers able to rescue badgers in the SE Cambs area
  • BATS
  • Avon Bat Care: Bristol: Rescues sick, injured, orphaned and grounded bats in old Avon area- South Gloucestershire down to North Somerset, and from Severn estuary over to BathBats Devon
  • Mid Devon Bat Rescue: Devon: Mid Devon Bat Rescue care for grounded, injured or orphaned bats. If you have found a bat in Mid Devon then visit the webpage for details. Mid Devon Bat Rescue
  • The Bat Conservation Trust
  • Herts & Middx Bat Group: Advice care and rescue of grounded injured or orphaned bats by licensed carers in Hertfordshire or Middlesex
  • North Devon Bat Care: Barnstaple: Bat Rescue North Devon, Grounded bat, injured bat, bat disturbed by building work, bats and cats, catted bat, bat care, help I found a bat, baby bat,
  • FOXES (See entries under Animal Rights)
  • National Fox Welfare Society Volunteer organisation in the UK dedicated to helping foxes. Lots of information and links - a superb site. In Addition to fox rescue we send out free mange treatment to householders feeding foxes in their gardens with Sarcoptic Mange.
  • The Fox Project A charity dedicated to the protection, rescue, and advocacy for the wild fox. It operates in S.E. England, in the Kent, Surrey, and Sussex and S. London areas. As well as speaking up for the fox, it  provides rescue for injured and abandoned foxes and works closely with volunteers and wildlife to provide for their care and rehabilitation back into the wild.
  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society: Founded in 1982 and Based in Shropshire (but covers the UK) BHPS provides help and advice on hedgehogs and maintains a list of hedgehog and wildlife care centres across the UK who can take hedgehogs in. Produces education packs for schools and a wide range of information leaflets. (Loads of useful stuff on here - Ed)
  • Brockworth Hedgehog Rescue: Brockworth, Gloucester, Gloucestershire: rescue, rehabilitate and release back in to the wild the European Wild Hedgehog, we cover North Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds
  • C.R.A.S.H. (Care, Rehabilitation & Action for Sick Hedgehogs) Care, Rehabilitation & Aid for Sick Hedgehogs. A wildlife hospital specialising in the care,treatment and rehabilitation of sick,injured and orphaned hedgehogs in Dorset.
  • Fylde Hedgehog Rescue: North West Lancashire: A volunteer organisation based in North West Lancashire dedicated to providing high quality care for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs.
  • Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue: Glamorgan: Hedgehog Rescue in South Wales, UK
  • Hedgehog Help Prestatyn: Prestatyn: Hedgehog Care I am able to provide care and treatment for hedgehogs found unwell, out in the day, injured, underweight and offer advice.
  • Hedgehogs: Southampton, Hampshire Organisation that rescues and rehabilitates wild Hedgehogs. Happy to assist and educate about everything Hedgehog.
  • Hedgehog Bottom: Thatcham, West Berkshire: A small charity whose main aim is to relieve the suffering caused to native British hedgehogs and to provide a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service.
  • Hedgehog Helpline Cymru: South East Wales : We rescue Eastern European Hedgehogs in and around the South East Wales area only
  • Hedgehog Help Prestatyn: Prestatyn. North Wales: Hedgehog Care;
    I am able to provide care and treatment for wild hedgehogs found unwell, out in the day, injured, underweight and offer advice. Registered with the British Hedgehog Preservation society. RSPCA approved.
  • Hoggles Hedgehog Rescue: Wichenford, Worcestershire: Local Hedgehog Rescue that nurses sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs back to full health and re-introduced back into the wild. Non-funded/voluntary
  • Lancashire Hedgehog Care Trust: Blackpool, Lancashire: An established registered wildlife charity providing specialist care and treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wild hedgehogs, with the aim to rehabilitate them when fit and healthy back into the wild. We work closely with local veterinary practices, and all our staff are specialist medically trained in treating sick and injured Hedgehogs.
  • Lucky Hedgehog Rescue: Grimston East Yorkshire HU11 4QE: Rescue, rear, rehabilitate British Hedgehogs & sanctuary for disabled Hedgehogs. open 24/7 365 days a year
  • Medway Hedgehog Rescue: Medway, Kent: Rescue For Hedgehogs Only, We Aim to Rescue, Rehabilitate & Release. Small home based charity
  • Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust: Northumberland: We are a registered charity dedicated to the rescue,care and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs across the North East.
  • The New Arc: Aberdeenshire: Rescues all wildlife in the North East of Scotland. Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release. Advice given. All Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians. Tel: 0796 2253867
  • Pawprints Wildlife Rescue - The hoggery: Hoylake, Merseyside: Hedgehog rescue centre in the Wirral.
  • Pembrokeshire Hogspital (hedgehog hospital): Pembrokeshire: Dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, returning them to the wild in most cases.
  • Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue: Gloucestershire: Gloucestershire based Hedgehog Rescue with aims to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release and Research from our Hedgehog Hospital. Registered charity 1168800.
  • Willows Hedgehog Rescue: Bromsgrove Worcestershire: Hedgehog helpline - Emergencies 24/7 General Enquiries 8am - 9pm
  • I.O.S.F (International Otter Survival Fund) Based on the Isle of Skye, Treat all wildlife casualties but specialise in otters and seals. Good network of people willing to help with transport so can take casualties from all over Scotland
  • UK WILD OTTER TRUST: Umberleigh: We are the largest Eurasian otter cub rehabilitation centre in the UK and we have over 40 years of experience with otters. Specialist organisation able to rehab up to 28 orphans
    Most squirrel sites are concerned with how to get rid of them. These listed ones are more friendly.
  • Friends of the Anglesey red squirrels: Llangefni, Anglesey: Red squirrel conservation on the island of anglesey. Reintroduction and release of captive and rehabilitated red squirrels.
  • Meon Valley Squirrel Rescue: Hampshire: Building up a network to find homes for squirrels in distress all over the UK.Web site also includes a little about squirrels in the United Kingdom. This site is devoted to the exchange of information, so would like to hear from anyone with relevent experiences to share.
  • Mustelid Rescue UK: National Organisation : Specialising in the rescue, raising, and rehabilitation to the wild of orphaned and injured young weasels and stoats.
  • Scottish wildcat: Morayshire: Text and image intensive site dedicated to the care and conservation of felis silvestris grampia, the Scottish wildcat.
  • UK Wolf Conservation Trust Founded in 1995, the UKWCT, through its ambassadorial wolves, supports education, conservation and research.