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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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Most web sites have a forum, chat group or message board (except this one). The ones listed are either not attached to a particular rescue organisation or are of wider interest. They are all concerned primarily with Animal Rescue rather than chat about pets and are based in the UK. If you know about a similar group please submit it using the 'Add your Site' form. Forums come and go with alarming frequency - If any of these have disappeared please let us know.

  • Anihome: A board dedicated to listing and helping animal sanctuaries and rehoming centres.
  • Animal lifeline uk: National: Helping Rescues with Home checking, Fostering, Transport, Fund-raising, Re homing of animals and more!
  • Animalworld: forum for animal lovers and pet owners to come and chat and make new friends.
  • The Battery Rechargers: National organisation: A friendly forum for those who have (or would like to have) ex-battery hens, where we can talk about their:- housing - feeding - general progress - health and much more!
  • Ex Battery Hens Forum: : Friendly forum for information and advice on caring for and rehoming rescued battery hens.
  • UK Border Collie And Sheepdog Rescue: This group has been formed to provide a list of Border Collie/Working Sheepdogs in the UK that either need a home or for those looking to give a home.
  • Border Collie World: Border Collie Site & Forum
    for discussion of border collies and border collie crosses, with rescue section on both main site and forum.
  • Boxer dog Planet: National: An online resource for anyone interested in the boxer breed.Chat,advice and information on UK rescue and breed clubs.
  • Boxer Dogs UK:: dedicated to boxer owners all over the uk, and also helps with the rehoming of homeless Boxers all over England, Scotland and Wales.
  • BullieSOS: Bull Terrier rescue and rehoming
  • Bullie Rescue : A small group of people who help raise funds and awareness for bull terrier welfare trust uk
  • Champdogs Forum: Help on responsible dog ownership & breeding
  • Collienet Rescue: A rescue site for Collies containg information regarding fostering, adopting and rehoming Rough and Smooth collies in the UK
  • Dog and Animal Rescue Site UK: A volunteer database with the sole purpose of helping dogs, cats and other animals in need. Request homechecks, transport runs and rescue spaces or just chat to like minded animal lovers!
    Although this forum is part of a web site it is included because it has a lot of support from shelters and contains lots of dogs needing homes from all around the country. Also lost & found.
  • Dog Walks UK: Dog walks, foster dogs, pet friendly accommodation and pubs, UK, dog forum. Post for Friends of the Animals which is a rescue centre and all their dogs are currently added.
  • ESSW Forum: Support forum for English Springer Spaniel Welfare
  • Ex Battery Hens Forum: For people interested in Ex-Battery hens, hen rescues and rehoming Battery Hens
  • Ex Battery Hen Forum Forum for anyone wishing to rehome ex battery hens and offering advice and answering questions for people who've already rehomed these lovely pets.
  • Ferret hutch forum: Ferret hutch rescue:
  • Fife Rottweiller Rescue: Fife , Scotland: A rescue forum dedicated to rehoming Rottweilers in Scotland along with a section for other scottish rescues to raise awareness of dogs in scottish rescue
  • Fin Fur & Feather pet forum: Online pet keeping community, containing extensive lists of rescue organisations, specialist vets, lost-found-stolen & breeders registers, on hand advisors and a free to use classified section, everything you need for your pet all in place
  • Futures for Dogs: Kent : fundraising forum set up to help small non profit making dog rescues or individuals and to provide a meeting place to can chat, raise funds,swop info & rehome dogs
  • German Shepherd Rescue Surrey: Forum style site with dogs needing homes in the UK & Ireland
  • Kent Greyhound Rescue: Why not join our very friendly forum for all greyhound and lurcher lovers.
  • Longcoated German Shepherds Forum: A forum for all Longcoated GSD Lovers/owners Help & advice available for would be owners & those needing to rehoming their pet Training & behavioural help. Comprehensive lists of shows & days out for you & your Dog.
  • Labrador Forums: National: Labrador Rehoming and Rescue, Database for all labrador specific rescue
  • Large Breed Dog Rescue Forum: Kent:
    If you would like to know more about our rescue & the dogs in our care, would like some advice, have advice to share or you would just like to have a friendly chat please come & join our forum.
  • Loving GSD: UK, London: GSD forum + site with loads of fun and free email for the active one
  • All Molosserbreeds: It is our aim to provide a friendly, welcoming, and informative forum where enthusiasts may meet to share their knowledge and experience of all aspects of Dog ownership, from pet to champion show dog
  • Pet Chat: A very wide ranging forum for all pet related matters.
  • Pet Forum: UK fun Pet Forum Community for dogs, cats and other pets.
  • Purrs In Our Hearts: Hampshire: Cat forum UK. Not for Profit in support of UK Cat rescues. Fundraising for cat rescues, cat rescue and rehoming, cat health and welfare information, rescue stories, cat chat and cat advice.
  • Rabbit Tales: Rabbit forum for friendly chat and health advice. Also sections for cats/dogs etc.
  • The Refuge: The site is dedicated to helping animals in need and to provide a place for information and discussion about animal rescue and welfare, as well as a place to just chat. Regular fundraising events, volunteers available UK wide, rescue animals needing homes etc.
  • Rescue A Paw: Pet rescue forum for all in UK & USA
  • Rescue Aid For Animals: A nationwide database to connect volunteers, rescues and animals in need.
  • Rescue Helpers Unite: national: a forum dedicated to helping rescues help more animals. A database set by counties with animal loving volunteers offering transporting, homechecking and fostering. homes offered, animals needing homes, general pet forum and advice, fundraising for multiple rescues from mice to cats dogs and horses.
  • RescueRehoming: Dedicated to helping rescue centres rehome thier rescue animals. Forum with rehoming pages, general chat etc
  • Retired Greyhounds UK: UK: We are a brand new forum and were set up in November 2015 purely to provide a safe alternative environment to Facebook for people to come and chat about their rescued greyhounds, share photos and chat to other greyhound owners.
  • RodentsRus: a new forum all about rodents open to all ages, trying to highlight what good pets they make for all ages.
  • Staffiezone: Staffordshire Bull Terrier forum for lovers of the breed and to support rescues with rehoming and general awareness
  • UK Companion Rabbits: Support and advice for owners of companion rabbits. This is *not* a group for breeders.
  • Wildlife UK Forums: New forums aimed at building a community and resource about wildlife in the UK.
  • YORKIE Rescue & Forum: Yorkie Rescue & Forum for all Yorkie Owners & other small breeds. Rescue section. Wanted section. No animals for sale. Donations made to charities are welcome though. No little one turned away. All homes Vetted. Animals are Vaccinated,chipped & speyed/neutered before being rehomed.